Friday, 08 May 2015
Postpartum Adjustment Support Society of North County San Diego


The Postpartum Adjustment Support Society serves women and family members with Postpartum Depression in the North County San Diego area.

One in eight moms suffer with a postpartum mood and anxiety disorder, commonly known as Postpartum Depression,  in the first year after childbirth.  The figure could be even higher if you consider that not all women report their illness out of shame or embarrassment. Here at P.A.S.S. we'd like you to know that there is help for you.  You are not all alone out there.  This is not your fault.  This is a common illness and with treatment you will be well again.

We have providers in the community of North County San Diego for you. Please look at our resources page as there are books and websites listed for you to browse through.

We are accepting donations! Our EIN Number is 27-3559329.

Please join us at our FREE support group in Oceanside!Postpartum depression family

If you are a provider and would like to be added to our referral list, please fill out a survey.

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If you are thinking about hurting yourself or your baby, please get help right away.

  • Call a suicide hotline (free)


  • Go to a hospital emergency room
  • Call your obstetrician or primary care provider
  • If you have a mental health provider, call their emergency number