Tuesday, 17 Feb 2015
Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression vs. Postpartum Psychosis

What is the difference between “baby blues,” postpartum depression, and postpartum psychosis?

Many women have the baby blues in the days after childbirth. If you have the baby blues, you may:Baby and Mom

* Have mood swings
* Feel sad, anxious, or overwhelmed
* Have crying spells
* Lose your  appetite
* Have trouble sleeping

The baby blues most often go away within a few days or a week. The symptoms are not severe and do not need treatment.

The symptoms of postpartum depression last longer and are more severe. Postpartum depression can begin anytime within the first year after childbirth. If you have postpartum depression, you may have any of the symptoms of depression listed on this website under “Risk Factors”. Symptoms may also include:

* Thoughts of hurting the baby
* Thoughts of hurting yourself
* Not having any interest in the baby

Postpartum depression needs to be treated by a doctor.

Postpartum psychosis is rare. It occurs in about 1 to 4 out of every 1,000 births. It usually begins in the first 2 weeks after childbirth. Women who have bipolar disorder or another mental health problem called schizoaffective disorder have a higher risk for postpartum psychosis. Symptoms may include:

* Seeing things that aren’t there
* Feeling confused
* Having rapid mood swings
* Trying to hurt yourself or your baby