Sunday, 28 Apr 2013
How do I help a loved one with PPD?

Don't be shocked or disappointed if your wife, partner, sister or girlfriend confesses that she has felt awful since the birth of her baby. Take the time to listen and make sure that she gets the support and help she needs

Try not to be shocked or disappointed by a diagnosis of PPD - it is common and can be effectively helped.

Do all you can to help with the practical things that need to be done, while your partner does not feel up to doing them - shopping, feeding and changing the baby, or housework.

Make sure that you are clear about what is happening. Get advice on how to help, especially if you are the mother's partner. Make sure that you have some support yourself. If this is a first baby, you may feel pushed to one side, both by the baby and by your partner's needs. Try not to feel resentful. Your partner needs your support and encouragement. Practical help with the baby, sympathetic listening, patience, affection and being positive will go a long way. Your partner will appreciate this even when the depression is over.

*From the Royal College of Psychiatrists